Tax & Assessing

Online Access

Tax, Assessing & Utility Account Information

The City of Chelsea is able to offer online access to the public assessing, tax and utility records. Click the link below to access the City’s BS&A system online. This link will open a new window. Use the links on the left in the new window to view assessing, tax or utility detail related to a specific property. 

  City of Chelsea Tax & Utility System Online 

Make Online Tax or Utility Payments

Within the City’s online tax and utility system, you also have the option to make a payment online. This service is available through a secure, third party vendor—Official Payments. Use the link above to access tax, assessing and utility account detail online. If you choose to make a payment online, you will launch another Internet window for secure payment access.

Please note that Official Payments charges a convenience fee to the user for each payment made online. The amount of the fee will be shown to you prior to accepting the payment. This is not a City fee, only the tax or utility payment is passed on to the City. The convenience fee is paid directly to Official Payments for use of their secure system. 


Credit Card or Electronic Check

Official Payments allows for the use of a credit card or electronic check for online payments.

In processing an electronic check payment, you will need the City of Chelsea Jurisdiction Code, which is 7076. There is a $3.00 fee for the processing of electronic checks.