Usage Concerns

Account holders with concerns regarding their electric or water usage should first review the City's Utility Usage Support reference to determine if there are any simple solutions to an unexplained change in utility consumption. 
Utility Usage Support reference
After reviewing this reference, if the account holder still has concerns regarding utility consumption reported on their monthly bill, please contact the City utility billing line at 734-475-1771, and press option 4 anytime during the initial greeting to reach the utility line. The billing department will review the usage to determine if there is a meter read or system issue.

If the billing department determines that the usage issue is not a result of a system or calculation problem, they will arrange to have a manual meter read conducted. For water reads, the billing department will need to establish an appointment time with the account holder to access the water meter in the basement. If the manual read does not reflect a clear read issue, the account will be placed on the City's management watch list and will be read manually for the next three months to monitor the meter.

If after manually reading the meter for three months the issue remains, the City can send the meter out for testing. The account holder would then receive a temporary meter while the meter in question is reviewed by an independent company.

If at any time during this issue resolution process, the cause of the issue is related to a system, calculation or meter reading problem, the City will work with the account holder to correct the issue. If the cause is determined to be unrelated to the City services, the resident may need to call a professional electrician or plumber to review the issue further within the home or building.