New Service

There are two ways to open new utility accounts:

  1. Appear in person at the City Offices during normal business hours with valid, photo identification.
  2. Send a signed, notarized letter to the Chelsea City Offices that includes the address to be serviced, services to be provided (that is, electric, water, sewer), service start date, and contact phone number. A template letter is available below to assist. 
Template new service letter

For new accounts and account terminations, the City must set an appointment for a final read.

Deposits are required only for service to Sylvan Township utility customers and to landlords with affidavits on file. Utility bills beyond six months past due automatically become a tax lien against the property. The City encourages residents and business owners to contact the City on a payment plan if they find themselves with a past due balance to avoid having utility past due balances transferred to the tax roll.