Billing CycleThe City of Chelsea currently reads meters—using a mobile data collection device—on the last business day of each month. The read dates are set to help ensure usage is as close to thirty days as possible to avoid swings in billing due to number of days billed. Monthly bills reflect actual usage from the prior read date to the latest read date. When an account is closed, the City takes a final read of the meter and charges the account holder with a separate invoice for the usage from the last read date to the account termination date.

Billing Account AccessAll account holders have access to their accounts online and can make online payments, by credit/debit card or echeck, at any time.  For any online payments, a convenience fee will be applied at checkout.  In addition, the City will email monthly statements to accounts holders that provide an email address. Otherwise, printed utility statements are mailed quarterly to those that do not have an email address on file. 

Past Dues/Shut Off ProcedureDelinquent utility accounts 15 days past due are shut off during the months of May through October unless the payment is made or a payment plan is established. Utility bills beyond six months past due automatically become a tax lien against the property. The City encourages residents and business owners to contact the City to arrange a payment plan if they find themselves with a past due balance to avoid having utility past due balances transferred to the tax roll. Contact the City utility billing line at 734-475-1771, option 4 with any utility questions or to set up a payment plan. Press option 4 anytime during the initial greeting to reach the utility line.

Delinquent notices are sent to account holders that are more than fifteen days past due on their utility bills. For accounts that remain past due one week later, a shut off notice is sent informing the account holder that their ongoing service is in jeopardy if the City does not receive immediate payment or confirmation of payment plan. Service shut offs occur from May to October. Once service is disconnected, there is a $25.00 reconnect fee in addition to full payment of the balance.