Rates & Timing

Tax RatesThe following table identifies the current and recent historical tax information for the City of Chelsea.

Tax Year Fiscal year ended June 30  General Streets Solid Waste Total Direct
 2021  2022 11.2000 1.2200 0.7355 13.1555
 2020  2021 11.2000 1.2200 0.7355  13.1555
 2019  2020 11.2000 1.2200  0.7355 13.1555

Residents in the Downtown Development District (DDA) will also pay an additional 1.5884 to support the DDA. Contact the City Treasurer or Assessor for further questions.

The City also collects taxes that are distributed to other taxing agencies including Chelsea School District, Washtenaw County, Washtenaw Intermediate School District, Washtenaw Community College, Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority, Chelsea District Library, Chelsea Area Fire Authority, and certain special assessments. Contact these entities directly to confirm their current or proposed tax rates. Prior tax bills can provide an estimate, but may not reflect current year rates.

Tax Collection Timeframe

Tax bills are mailed to all property owners twice each tax year. General timeframes are as follows but may differ slightly where dates fall on a weekend. Refer to your tax bill for the specific dates for each tax season.

  Mailed Due Sent to County as Delinquent
Summer   July 1  September 14  February 28
Winter  December 1  February 14  February 28