Acceptable Items

The City of Chelsea Solid Waste Department can accept certain items that are not allowed in weekly trash collection. The following lists highlights some additional items you can dispose of by visiting the City's Werkner Road Transfer Station as well as items never accepted as waste by the City of Chelsea. Please refer to the City rate schedule for disposal charges. The Transfer Station welcomes residential use from all communities.

Acceptable Unacceptable
Florescent Bulbs Liquid Waste
Yard Waste Materials Classified as Hazardous
(by Federal or State Statute)
Cans with Paint
(must be solidified with sand or kitty litter)
Household Batteries
(Can be taken to the County Service Center, 705 N. Zeeb Road 734.222.3950)
 Appliances Radioactive, Volatile or Explosive Material
 Building Demolition  Any Material Deemed Unacceptable
(by the Solid Waste Staff)
 Furniture  Tires of Any Kind
 Household Trash