Parks & Recreation

Timbertown Park



Timbertown Park is located just off Sibley Road on the north side of Chelsea.  Timbertown is the City’s largest park at 19.02 acres.  The park’s main attraction is a timberframe play structure that highlights key Chelsea landmarks.  The park also offers a pavilion with picnic seating, volleyball courts, hiking trails, and is home to the Community Garden.

Like all City parks, Timbertown Park is closed to the public at dusk year-round.  The pavilion at Timbertown Park can be reserved.  Visit the Forms page of the Parks and Recreation section of this site to review the pavilion reservation policy and complete a reservation form.  There is a fee for use.  Unless reserved, the pavilion is ‘first come, first served’ as a public property. Metal detecting is allowed at Chelsea City parks, but please do not dig.